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Default Re: DGND3300 v2 New firmware

When will I learn to stop buying Netgear routers? I had a DGND3300 delivered just two hours ago and have already run into this critical problem that prevents me from using my network printer unless I apparently roll back the firmware.

After four years of hell with the DG834N (replaced twice because they had a tendency to just die for no reason) and having to rely on unofficial firmware because every iteration of Netgear's own firmware had a different problem, you'd think I'd have learned, but no. Here I am back at square one, having spent over an hour with my freshly delivered, brand new Netgear router, trying to figure out why it's not assigning local IP addresses properly. It's a firmware bug. Yet another firmware bug. Of course it's a firmware bug! It is *always* a firmware bug with Netgear.

I'm sorry for the ranty first post, but this company's inability to test firmware for the most obvious in-your-face problems before putting it out there consistently drives me nuts.
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