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Default Re: DGND3300 v2 New firmware

Originally Posted by alan_s View Post
I must admit I was rather surprised such a bug had got through - such a basic feature of a dchp server which has presumably been working perfectly in many versions of firmware for many routers, so why someone needed to tweak the code at all is beyond me; and after making changes to not test, well.......
The Address Reservation feature has been a little buggy in firmware releases for other models. With my DG834N (v1) for example, the IPs of one or two devices would start drifting after the router had been running for a month or two without a reboot. I'm just stunned to see it not working at all on the DGND3300 really. The devs should run through a checklist of basic features during the alpha stage to ensure they're all working, but then I wonder why the beta testers didn't even pick up on this problem later. Maybe they don't have any.
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