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Default Re: DGND3300 v2 New firmware

Originally Posted by raziel View Post
as a general rule do not buy the 3300, despite the dualband it is still a major downgrade compared to the 3500 as it has no wifi on/off switch (which should be a must...for some reason they ditched that feature for the 3300)
I think that depends entirely on what you want/need.

Personally, it was the only 802.11n modem router (from any manufacturer) which did not have near universal bad reviews. And I spent about six frustrating months looking.

It has been rock solid, is immeasurably faster than my last modem router and apart from losing the IP address reservation functionality in the v48 firmware (causing some head scratching and annoyance) which has been resolved by reverting to v42, it has never let me down.

For you, a wifi on/off switch is essential - for me, well, I can't think of an occasion when that would be used or useful - and that appears to be the sole objection you have to the DGND3300.

So, why there is a general rule not to buy it and where this directive originates, I have no idea.

Maybe they are holding back a new firmware to maintain traffic to the forum because news of this nature is the only reason I currently come here.

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