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Default Re: DGND3300 v2 New firmware

Originally Posted by okulo View Post
For you, a wifi on/off switch is essential - for me, well, I can't think of an occasion when that would be used or useful - and that appears to be the sole objection you have to the DGND3300.
aye it is, but a critical one

saving power is already a good reason, security purposes are another, and not wanting my room to be flooded with unnecessary EM especially while I'm asleep is yet another

the wifi on/off feature seems important enough for manufacturers to advertise it when it's present

the very fact that some <insert non-PG word>-head at the company decided to have this feature removed for some unknown reason (god knows what the hell went through their noggin, other than hot air) even though it was present in the previous products, is reason enough to boycott that product. it's not like that feature is expensive to implement either. it's just...a switch

in short companies should be punished for their bad decisions, plain & simple
perhaps then they will learn, ditch those executives who made said decisions, and hire sensible & competent folks in their place
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