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Default Router access control


I am unsure if this even exists but I thought I would ask. Two of the kids got laptops for Christmas and I was wondering if there is a program where I can switch on and off their internet access. Basically what I am looking for is a router control panel that shows the mac addresses of the computers that are connected and switch off and on access.


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Default Re: Router access control

you can but only by schedule. i believe most DSL gateways have this feature. you set a specific time of when they can have internet access and not. usual steps are as follows

1. reserve an IP address on the computers using their MAC addresses
2. setup a schedule of time you will start blocking and allowing traffic for internet (port 80)
3. setup firewall rules that will indicate which IP addresses will be blocked by the schedule

some of the routers also have live parental controls that you can use to manage restriction of websites.
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