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Default Recover from a bad flash - WNR3500L

I've been trying to file this as a case, but unfortunately, upon submission, the page returns
A fatal server error occured and has been emailed to support personel.
. This has happened both last night and today..

Now, for the issue at hand:

I tried upgrading my router to the latest published firmware ( and something must've gone wrong during the process as the router won't boot properly anymore (the power LED remains orange).

Having searched the web, I came across the MyOpenRouter page, where the following procedure was mentioned to recover from a bad flash:

Assign a static IP to your machine (I took with mask and default gateway

Start a perpetual ping of (ping -t

Start the router

Upon receiving a response to the ping, use tftp to push the firmware to the router

(tftp -i PUT firmware.chk) (where firmware.chk is to be replaced with the actual firmware name - namely WNR3500L-V1.0.2.26_30.0.98.chk).

I tried that a dozen times, starting the tftp at different points in time after pushing down the power button on the router, but to no avail.

Is there any way around RMA'ing the device? I've had devices from other manufacturers in the past that came with a firmware restoration utility - all you needed to to is put the router in recovery mode (by pusing a given button during powerup), then run the tool and load the firmware again.
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Default Re: Recover from a bad flash - WNR3500L

call support. likely to be RMA
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