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Default Netgear router problems?

I ordered a used Netgear router (WGR614 v6), it didn't come with a CD, or a power cord or its own Ethernet cable so we had to use our own. Anyway... >.>

I went on and tried typing in the username and password, but whenever I tried clicking "OK" it just popped back up again. If I press "Cancel" it just says "Login Failure" and... bleh. And I'm positive the username and password I'm typing in are correct, be'cos I'm just following what it says on the bottom of the router.

So then I tried resetting it, but the reset button doesn't work for some reason. I tried pressing it and holding it there for ten seconds, but it just stays on. And then I tried it the other way where you plug the power cord out, press and hold the power button, plug the power cord back in and keep holding for 20 seconds, but nothing's working.

It's very frustrating and I pretty much have no experience with routers, so any help would be appreciated. ;~;
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Default Re: Netgear router problems?

try pressing the reset button for 30 sec. and unplug and replug the power adapter while holding on the reset.
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Default Re: Netgear router problems?

see router reset on my sig for all the proper reset procedure.

make sure when you bought your WGR614 is RETAIL unit and not from ebay where it came from ISP provided router. if unit was ISP branded unit , netgear default user /pass will NOT work
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