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Default Can't set up WN2000RPT

I have a netgear WNDR4000, which is working fine. I can connect my laptop to my wireless network. I also have another PC with a netgear WNDA3100 USB wi-fi adapter, and that's working - I can connect to my network fine. I bought a WN2000RPT extender, so I could get decent coverage to a far room, but I can't connect to it, either from the laptop, via the NETGEAR_EXT network, or by pressing the WPS switch on the extender, then the router, to connect directly. The WPS's just blink a bunch of times, then the extender WPS blinks rapidly, then they both stop blinking. I only see the power light, after that, but not the link rate or the connection status.

I have tried repositioning the extender and the laptop in different places in the house to see what effect that has, but it has none.

How do I set it up? Here's what I tried.

1. Without the extender, my laptop is too far away from the router to get a strong connection. I can connect to a network, but either it's local only and not internet, or it's very weak internet.
2. I placed the extender in between the laptop and the router, and plugged it in, and waited about a minute.
3. I pressed the WPS button on the extender, then pressed the WPS button on the router. No link was established - just blinking for a couple of minutes.
4. According to the instructions, if you don't have WPS you can connect the laptop to the extender first, then to the router. So even though I have WPS on both, I tried it this way. But my laptop doesn't list any network called NETGEAR_EXT, so how do I connect to it? It has one called ciscosb_EXT, but I assume that's a neighbor's extender, and it's secured also.
5. The instructions say that you need to make sure your laptop is out of range of the router. My property isn't large enough to get totally out of range. Do I have to walk down the street far enough until I can't see my network in the list of networks at all? That seems strange, but I guess I could try it.
6. I tried placing the extender and the laptop in different locations: closer to the router, a short distance away, the desired distance, and far away from the router, and nothing seems to have any effect.

What am I doing wrong?


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Default Re: Can't set up WN2000RPT

Try this:
1. factory reset the extender by pressing the reset pinhole at the back for about 30 sec. Unplug the power cable of the extender to turn it off after resetting. Wait for 10 sec and then boot it up.
2. view the available wireless network on your laptop and check if the NETGEAR_EXT (unsecured) will show up. It should since you did a factory reset.
3. If you see NETGEAR_EXT, connect to it. If you cannot see NETGEAR_EXT this could be a hardware problem.
4 If connected, open you browser and go to http://mywifiext.net or http://mywifiext.com
5.follow the setup to connect the extender to your existing wireless network.
6.If followed properly, everything should be good to go.

NOte: Make sure that the extender is placed on a location where you are still getting internet access from your existing router. For it will get its connection to it. If not the setup will not be successful.
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Default Re: Can't set up WN2000RPT

Thanks for your reply.

I did a factory reset, although I wasn't sure whether to do it with the unit plugged in and the power switch on, or plugged in with the power switch off. So I did it both ways, first with it on, then with it off, 30 seconds each time.

I then unplugged it, waited about 10 seconds, and then plugged it in and turned it on. My router, extender, and laptop are all in the same room - close to each other. My laptop is still not seeing a network called NETGEAR_EXT, so I guess the unit is defective. I'll take it back and try another one. What's odd is that the store had about 7 or 8 of these units, and every one had been previously purchased, then returned, resealed, and restocked. Are they all defective? Is it just a bad lot from Netgear? Makes you wonder.

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