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Default WG311T refuses to install under WinXP Pro 64

I've had this WG311T card for about 5 years now. I was running WinXP Pro x32 when I first bought it and it worked fine. After a new PC build, and an upgrade to WinXP Pro x64, it STILL worked fine. The last 3 years, I haven't needed it and removed it.

I have recently needed to use it again and have having problems getting it to install now with the SAME version of WindowsXP Prox64 I initially used it under. I am triple booting (Windows 7 x64, WindXP Pro x64 and Linux Mint 11 x64) and it works fine with Win7 and Linux.

Installing it with WinXP, it just flat refuses to install the drivers. And, yes, I have read all of the posts on this subject I could find here. I have edited the OEM.tmp and the WG311T_OEM.tmp files, to no avail. I have tried ver. 3, 4 and 5....to no avail.

This IS a fresh install of WindowsXP Pro x64, too.

ANY ideas??
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