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Default WMS5316, WNAP210, load balancing, no. of clients.

I'm using the WMS5316 (Fw 2.1.2) with some WNAP210 (Fw 2.0.27) APs for my WLAN.
Umfortionatley the load balancing between the APs and the max. cleint number per AP does not work.
We tested it with 2 APs set to max 2 users each and connected with > 6 clients, with 5 users connected to AP1 and 1 user connected to AP2.
So, my questions:
- should not the clients 5 and 6 be rejected?
- sould it not be at least 3:3 (3 user on each AP)
- how long does it take to regulate, if it's working

So ist this feature generally working? I am doing something wrong?

best regards
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