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Default WC7520 Captive Portal Issue


I would like to deploy the WC7520 Captive portal for users in our office. I have setup 4 Wi-Fi SSIDs that utilize 4 different vLans. I have one SSID set to vLan 300 and I have checked the Box to use Captive Portal Feature. vLan 300 uses the DHCP server built into the WC7520 just for simplicity's sake. devices get assigned an IP address properly, but the captive portal screen is not loading in the browser and I am unable to get out to the internet. The documentation on the captive portal is very LAME at best, especially when you need to troubleshoot possible reasons as to why it is not working. I am going to assume that the captive portal can push the login page to any vLan or does it have to reside on the same vLan as the WC7520 Management vLan?
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Default Re: WC7520 Captive Portal Issue

By default, captive portal use the controller's management IP as URL. Is there routing from your VLAN300 to the management VLAN? If you still have problem, give support a call 1 888 NETGEAR. They can review your configuration to make sure.
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