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Default DGND3700 with Apple Airport Extreme in Bridge Mode - no LAN access ?

I have an Apple Airport Extreme Base Stations (AEBS) connected to my primary Router (Netgear DGND3700). This, in turn, is connected to a cable modem. So the setup is:

Internet > Cable Modem > DGND3700 > AEBS

The cable modem is literally just that - acts as the gateway out to the internet.

The Netgear router acts as the DHCP server to the network and the AEBS connects one of the LAN ports of the Netgear to the WAN port of the AEBS. The AEBS is set up as Ethernet in Bridge Mode.

If I connect to the AEBS either wired or wifi, I can see all other devices connected to the AEBS on the network and if I click on any, I can browse shared folders etc. If I connect to the Netgear router I cannot ping, traceroute or connect to any AEBS devices. I suspect it's something to do with internal routing but I can't find a setting on either device where this may being blocked.

Anyone got any suggestions what I'm missing or what I might try ?

Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: DGND3700 with Apple Airport Extreme in Bridge Mode - no LAN access ?

The Airport Extreme is a router in it's own right. If you have connected it via it's own WAN port, then this is why you cannot access anything on the AE when connected via the DGND3700.

I would suggest that you connect the AE via an Ethernet port and ensure that you have disabled it's own DHCP Server abilities.
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Default Re: DGND3700 with Apple Airport Extreme in Bridge Mode - no LAN access ?

This is the concept you need to follow


wether you are suing Mac or PC, there is airport utility under

Finder>application>utilities> airport utility (Mac system). I'm sure for Pc are simple as open the application

you need to change according like the URL given for "concept.

Airport extreme as internet port and Lan ports. they do not have "word" saying but just by symbol so you may need to look manual that came with it but do NOT use WAN or internet port .
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