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Red face How do I set up a second router?

I have wireless networking but with my ISP we're at our max on how many systems we can have hooked up to the modem. We want to hook up our XBox 360 but it seems directly to a router would be the only way. So I purchased a Netgear router but don't know how to set it up. I have a long ethernet cable running from the Netgear router to my modem and I want the 360 hooked up directly to the Netgear. Do I still have to use the CD that came with the Netgear to install this? I'm afraid that might mess up my modem. Not sure how to do this. Please help.
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Default Re: How do I set up a second router?

Welcome to the forum.

Please list the model number of the modem and router.

Sounds like your modem is also a router. So you can either bridge the modem or use the Netgear router as a switch.
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Default Re: How do I set up a second router?

here some too.. have some graphics to teach you some

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