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Default WGT624v3 Wireless Problems

Hi All,

I have a WGT624v3 which is causing great problems.

Connections to the router tend to be weak, and despite the router being one wall away from my computer, my wireless ethernet card reports signal strength to being 35% most of the time, but on rare occasion has been seen as high as 80%.

I have 2 wireless adapters (a USB one and a PCI one) and both had terrible connection reliability with this router.

Also, my PCI card drivers reports error statistics...

After a 12 hour period this is what the details are:

Frames Transmitted Sucessfully: 7839
Frame Retransmitted Successfully: 501
Frames Fail To Receive ACK After All Retries: 3
RTS Frames Successfully Receive CTS: 680
RTS Frames Fail To Receive CTS: 0

Frames Received Successfully: 4649
Frames Received With CRC Error: 995984
Frames Dropped Due To Out-of-Resource: 0
Duplicate Frames Received: 0

Given the Frames Received With CRC Error compared to Frames Received Successfully, Would this suggest a problem?
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Default Re: WGT624v3 Wireless Problems

If the antenna is the removable type I would start by checking that it's secure. Ditto antenna on PCI card.

Relocate cordless phone base station, video sender, wireless baby monitor etc. Scan for neighbouring wifi and change frequency to 6 channels from strongest neighbour. Try changing channels anyway as a different frequency may work better in different environs.
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