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Default Help Installing Wireless Router

I upgraded my neighboors computer from Windows 98SE to Windows 2000. I did this work becuase they could not access their Netgear Wireless Router (802.11 g) with the USB wireless adapter installed on this particular PC. Even though the Netgear wireless adapter said it was compatible with Windows 98SE, I couldn't get the connection to consistantly work. I even called Netgear support. First then walked me through eveything I did, then asked me what the processor was, and I informed him 733mhz, he then after saying it was compatible with 98SE, that you need a P4 processor. How could that be when I was able to connect every once and a while. Now that I have upgraded to Win 2000, what steps should I take to ensure good connectivity. The wireless router is only in the next room to where this PC is....HELP
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Default Re: Help Installing Wireless Router

So your question is, how do you ensure a stable connection?

Moving to 802.11g adapters.
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