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Question 2 Routers using the same Cable Modem?

Hi all,

Sorry for the newb question but I can't seem to figure this out:

I am using a Netgear WNDR3300 RangeMax Router connected to a cable modem to connect to the internet. Unfortunately, I have a limited area of where I can place this router. It currently sits in my basement. I have good coverage throughout my house, but I need it to reach my garage.
To get the internet to my garage, I have added a Netgear XE104 Powerline switch to one of the wired ports on the WNDR3300. The connection is fine at the other end of the powerline in the garage.

Question: I have a Netgear WPN824V3 Router that I would like to put in the garage connected to the XE104. Is this possible? If so, how do I set it up so that the WPN824V3 will communicate with the internet while connected to the XE104 powerline adapter? Do I need to setup a static route or port forwarding?
So in summary; how do I setup the WPN824V3 to work as a wireless access point when it is connected to my XE104 Powerline adapter in the garage (which is then connected to the other XE104 in the basement which is connected to the WNDR3300)? And if this setup is possible, why am I choosing the settings that I need too in order to get it to work (that is; what is the logic behind the settings that will allow this to work?)
I am excited to hear about this!!
Thank you for looking and building my competence in home networking!!! Take care all.
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Default Re: 2 Routers using the same Cable Modem?

if you are using xe104 to garage then setup WPN as an access point


xe104 will be consider as CAT5 cable between the WPN and 3300
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