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Default WNA1100 and Win8 Beta Driver


I recently upgraded to from Win7 to Win8 and loaded the beta driver for the WNA1100 (v10.0.0.20 10/15/12). Since making that change, connection quality between the PC and AP has gone from excellent to barely useable. Packet loss is consistantly 50% and available bandwidth has been cut in half.

Before and after the upgrade, signal strength has been staying in the -68 to -75dBm range.

I was wondering if there was anything settings-wise that I could change to try to improve the connection quality? Some things that I have already tried was to force 802.11b only, change RTS/CTS settings on the AP side, increasing transmit/receive buffers on the PC side.

I was also wondering when an updated driver would become available for download, or if there is somewhere that I could get a later version at this time, even if it is not ready for "prime time" yet I would still be willing to try it as anything would be better than what I have right now.

If there is anything that I can do assist in resolving this issue please let me know!

Thank you!
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Default Re: WNA1100 and Win8 Beta Driver

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