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Default DG834 v2 - low internet speed?

I have had this router for a couple of years now and has worked fine until a couple of months ago.

WHen I login to the routers control panel, the router status tells me that it sees between 3.9 MBs and 4.5 MBs Download and between 0.8MBs and 1 MBs upload connections, but the actual speed that it passes on to the computers (2 desktop PC's and 2 laptops - all wired to the router) is usually around 0.5 MBs download speed which is ridiculously slow. And at times the connection will cut out all together.

I have spoken with our providers and the signal in the area is fine and they have in fact boosted it a couple of times and changed our 'profile' - whatever that means - but still no change.

I upgraded the firmware on the router to V3.01.38 about 2 weeks ago and it didnt seem to help.

Do I need a new router? Or is there anything else I can do.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Default Re: DG834 v2 - low internet speed?

try to adjust the mtu size of the router to 1490, 1400, 1360. try which one is much effective, but if still same problem it probably the router might be faulty
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