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Unhappy Unable to connect WNCE2001 to network.


I just joined the forums discussion group today in hopes of getting some assistance with my problem. I have a Belkin router, Wireless N, with WPS. I am successful in getting the adapter to connect for a couple of seconds (5 ft. away). The installation without WPS fails every time. I've tried to connect using a laptop w/ Win2000, a desktop w/ XP Home, and a desktop w/ Vista. I use a Netgear wireless WG511T PC card without any issues (I just upgraded the firmware on the PC card today without any problems at all). While I was upgrading the firmware on the card, there were 2 networks to choose from. Of course, I chose to connect to my own. On the other hand, with the WNCE2001, no wireless networks are detected - again being only 5 feet away. Signal strength is 80% at 5 ft. away, but I'm able to take my laptop down to the lower level of my house where I plan to use the WNCE2001 and use it without issues. I use WEP 64 bit security (due to win2000 pro), WPS is enabled, firewall is enabled, DHCP server is enabled, Dynamic WAN connection type. I'm also unable to get to the settings menu when connecting to the WNCE2001 so that I can change settings/apply new firmware, etc.

Thanks for your help and assistance.

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