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Default WNDR3700 with WDS - how to connect to admin console on repeater?

Hi Folks,

I've recently tried to setup WDS between my existing DG834G and a new WNDR3700. I eventually got the WDS connected between the two routers after stuffing up the MAC addresses a few times - but that's another story.

My trouble is now - not being able to access the admin console on the remote router/repeater (WNDR3700). Is there any way to do this? Or have I done something wrong?

Here is an overview of my setup:
DG834G is connected to the internet and setup as the "Repeater with Wireless Client Association" with the MAC address of the WNDR3700 as the Remote MAC address. It has a IP address of and provides DHCP for the range I've also setup a few IP address associations for various devices in the DHCP range, including the WNDR3700 - but this doesn't seem to be getting allocated.

The WNDR3700 is setup as the repeater on the 2.4Ghz Channel, but when I tried to set the IP address to the same IP allocated on the DG834G I kept on giving me an error. DHCP is turned off on this router.

So I'm able to connect to the Ethernet port and/or wireless-n on the WNDR3700 and connect through to the DG834G and also the internet - which is all good, but I don't seem to be able to access the admin console for the WNDR3700 - which I need to be able to do to setup USB shares, etc.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: WNDR3700 with WDS - how to connect to admin console on repeater?

DHCP is disabled on 3700
do not use if DG uses

3700 (DHCP disabled)
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