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Default Router Login Problem

Hi Guys I'm new here. I just bought a router the other day. I installed everything, all the lights are on etc, but when I have to go on that www.routerlogin.net that username: admin and the password: password don't work...
Had anybody else the same problem?
Sorry, if this question was already asked a 100 times- I have too little time to read allthe topics.
I hope someone can help me...
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Default Re: Router Login Problem

Is the router used?

If you hold the reset button (a small button near the aerial) in for 30 seconds with power on then the router will reset to the default password which for a Netgear router should be 'password'. Otherwise some routers originally supplied by ISPs like SKY have a different password to the normal default, in the case of Sky the password is 'Sky'.
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