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Default Block Users

Hi Guys

was just wondering if it is possible to block a specific MAC address from using an AP.

I am using a DG834G with a WG102 for a public network at a sports centre.
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Default Re: Block Users

That might depend on the particular access point - most of them do permit MAC address based access control, most use a "white list" - allow only those listed - however some do allow a "black list" - allow all except those listed.

Having said that - MAC address controls are among the easiest to circumvent.

Something you might also want to consider since you appear to be providing WiFi internet to the public - as the network operator you are liable for any and all fradulent or nefarious activities originating from your network - you need access controls and a disclaimer that must be accepted before access is allowed to legally protect yourself.

I would suggest you implement these measures before the feds come knocking on your door.
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