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Default WG111t USB freezes pc

My Pc (Windows XP Sp2), randomly freezes up when netgear WG111T USB adapter is running. I have to perform a hard reset by holding in the pc start button to shut system down, and then restart. Everything freezes, mouse, keyboard, screen, all at once, at different times. Sometimes the freeze up will not occur for 30 to 60 minutes. And sometimes right away. I have un-installed and re-installed adapter software dozens of times. Still no success. I have installed latest Netgear drivers, and USB 2.0 drivers. Still pc freezes up. When I leave the wireless adapter software uninstalled, pc does not freeze up. But of course then I cannot access internet. As long as I don't install any Netgear adapters, the pc runs fine. For the short period of time when everything is running, I have no problem getting on the internet. Signal strength is excellent. I am using a WG111t USB 2.0 adapter , I actually have 2, with a WNR834B router, connected to Comcast cable modem. I have tried a WG121T wireles USB adapter as well. And have the same results, pc freezes up. I am using Norton''s firewall. And have turned off firewall and everything else that Norton''s is running. Still no luck. I have went in and shut down unneccesary services. Just in case something is conflicting with the Netgear software. I have ran spybot, adware, and Norton's virus scan, with no viruses found. Shutoff screensaver, and turned off audio as well. To no prevail. My WNR 834 wireless router works fine with Toshiba laptop with built in wireless, but not my HP PC's. I have been fighting this problem for about 9 days now. I am really getting discouraged with Netgear. Please help me out.
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Default Re: WG111t USB freezes pc

Hi, I use the WPN111 USB adapter and have exactly the same problem under Vista. It's really peeving me off. Did you find a fix at all?

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Angry Re: WG111t USB freezes pc

I'm having a similar problem. I'm getting a blue screen noting DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL along with a bunch of other info including a reference to a file WG11TND5.SYS. Happens sporadically. Once I remove the Netgear driver for the WG111T there are no problems with the hard wire hookup. I've tried reloading drivers but the problems continue. I'm using it on an HP Pavilion a250n desktop. I'm planning on running permanent wiring this weekend if I can't find a solution. I'm spending too many hours on the problem.
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Default Re: WG111t USB freezes pc

Arrgghhh! I too am seeing both the BSOD and the complete PC lockup issues since I installed the WG111T wireless USB adaptor. It came with the router and seemed like a good deal, but is ruining my online life!

To add a little info to the issue, it will seem to run fine for quite a few hours after a reboot. The freezes and crashes seem to happen when under bandwidth heavy load or after many hours of uptime, like if I leave the machine on overnight for downloads.

Now I am going to have to waste more of my life trying to sort this out with Netgear support...
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Default Re: WG111t USB freezes pc

Hey guys,

I know it was a while back, but did any of you find a solution to this problem ?
I'm having this exact problem and it drives me nuts ... I can't use my WG511 (v2) at the university cause it keeps freezing up my laptop (it works fine at home, where a different wireless network is around .....)

Help ... Please ...
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Default Re: WG111t USB freezes pc

I am running XP on a HP also.<<<--- IS THIS THE PROBLEM???????

Could this be a HP problem rather than Windows XP or Netgear?

I was using a standard Netgear G wireless router. It was just to hook up to my Samsung TV and my Nintendo Wii for online gaming. Everything was working A+.
I then bought a cheap no-name wiFi adapter so I could move my computer away from the phone line.

It would freeze straight away and the only thing I could do was turn it off.

So I went out and bought a WG111 Netgear adapter, thinking it would work if both the Router and the adapter were the same brand. I am not getting a freeze straight away but after 30 minutes or so it will.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers several times. I have checked I have the latest software and drivers for my modem (Speedstream), my Router (Netgear) and my adapter (Netgear).

The computer only freezes when a wireless adapter is plugged in. No problems when I am hardwired.

After much research online I am finding that lots of people are having identical issues... not only with Netgear hardware, but with Belkin as well.

I have seen 20+ forums on this issue but none have resolved the problem.
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