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Default Problems w/ NFS and the WGR614

Firmware: V1.0.11_1.0.7NA

This is the first time I've tried integrating one of these devices into an existing network (we usually just setup a new *nix machine as a router and it works fine but someone wanted to give this a try) and we are having some problems. We have a class C that is divided up into several subnets and we are trying to use the WGR614 as the router for one of those subnets. The basics all work fine[1]. The problem is w/ a machine that is sitting on the LAN side of the WGR614 (the .170 *nix machine mentioned below). Some services work fine, for example from that machine I'm able to ssh to other machines in the class C (which obviously mean DNS works fine as well). However some things are not working as expected (well as I expect my *nix routers to work, so I fully admit this could be a user error/problem due to lack of familiarity w/ what the WGR614 is doing/supposed to do and how to get around it )...

The two major problems are:
- I can't access services directly on the .170 machine. For example I can't just "ssh .170" from another machine in the class C and have it work. I can setup port forwarding on the WGR614 which will then redirect the ssh traffic to .170 and that works fine, I'd rather have the traffic go directly to the machine though since we eventually want to have multiple machines behind the WGR614 and I'd rather not have to setup multiple port forwardings and having to try to remember which port is associated w/ which machine.

- The biggest issue though is not being able to NFS mount a *nix file server on the WAN side (so outgoing through the WGR614) on .170. I'm able to issue showmount and rpcinfo commands and see that the partitions are available for mounting, but any attempt to mount the partitions doesn't work. The only clue so far is in the NFS server logs we get an error indicating the mount request is coming from .187 (the WGR614 and not the .170 machine) and something about "unprivileged port". I've searched around the I'net, found what this is about and took the steps on the server config side to disregard this problem and allow requests from unprivileged ports. However that didn't work and the problem persists.

So from my POV is looks like WGR614 is getting more "in the way" than I want. I've tried turning off the SPI and playing around w/ the port triggering feature but so far nothing has worked. Is it possible to have the WGR614 just pass traffic and not get 'in the way" as much as it seems to be doing? Has anyone gotten NFS to work outgoing (in searching the I'net there seems to be some indication people have gotten it to work incoming [so the NFS server is on the LAN side])? Is there something simple I'm missing or it is an issue that this device is just not meant to work like we are trying to use it?


[1] The WAN address of the WGR614 is set to an IP in the subnet that has all the routers (.177-.190 and the IP of the WGR614 is .187). The default gateway for the WGR614 is set to the main router for the class C (.177). The LAN address of the WGR614 is set to .169 and is the default router for the .169-.174 subnet. Wireless and DHCP are turned off. A *nix machine at .170 is able to reach the other machines in the class C (at least some services, see above for more details) and the I'net at large.
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