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Default SC101 Open Source Linux Driver

I was looking into "switching" to Ubuntu, and I came across this. It is fairly recent, some dates in the code are from the end of May. I'm trying it now, but it seems fairly straightforward.


The Netgear Storage Central 101 (sc101) is an IP based block storage device.

Netgear ships a clustered filesystem with the product (perhaps based on DataPlow SFS) which allows multiple Windows client machines to concurrently mount and read/write directly to the device; it is a SAN rather than a NAS device.

There is no protocol documentation provided, nor any driver support for operating systems other than Windows.

This software allows Linux to access the the sc101 as a block device, without requiring a new kernel module.

It achieves this by translating between the kernel's existing NBD protocol and the reverse engineered protocol used by the sc101 (I call it PSAN, perhaps incorrectly).

On top of the NBD devices you can run RAID, LVM, and any existing filesystems (ext2/3, ocfs2, etc).

The resulting storage area is not interoperable with existing Windows clients.

It is unknown whether this software is compatible with the (unreleased) sc101t or other Zetera partnered devices.
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