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Default No DRM shown in Eva

Hello everboy!
Can anyone help me with this please:

My EVA8000 does not show any drm protected video in the video list.
The EVA is allowed in the media player and shows up correct.
Also the entry for the Windows Media Server is shown in the eva server list and selected ( i use windows xp media center edition SP2 and Media Player 11).
The folder in which the videos are is also shared by windows.
If i make a full scan for media it seems that the eva finds the drm protected video, because when i e.g. copy one protected drm file into another folder which is not shared and i make a new scan, the result of videos found is reduced by one.
All videos are shown in the video menu at the eva, but not the drm-protected. So i can't play them.
Turning the windows firewall completely off makes no difference.
Anyone with the same problem or someone who can help me?
A xbox360 is in the same network and shared in the media player. Here all protected stuff is shown up correctly in the xbox 360.
Is it an EVA problem???
Thanks a lot!!!!
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