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Default WPN824 - Motorola SURFboard - Internet crash

When I first were using the WPN824 with a normal ADSL connection, it was working great and my net never crashed.
Then I changed ISP and got my internet through cable tv, which also worked fine for a while. I'm now experiencing my router crashing a lot, and it also slows down my net sometimes. I'm not downloading anything via torrents or similar, so the known problem about too many TCP connections shouldn't be the same problem here, unless things like Counter-Strike and similar should be able to cause it.

When the router freezes up, the blue LEDs are standing still and doesn't move. I need to unplug the power, wait 10 seconds or more and then plug it in again before it'll work. I've had a technician from my ISP look at it, and he can't find any modem related problems, so he could only guess that it was router problems.

My modem complains about DHCP and more, when the router is is renewing my IP. It looks like this:

2006-12-23 16:24:09 5-Warning D103.0 DHCP RENEW WARNING - Field invalid in response
1970-01-01 00:00:16 3-Critical D003.0 DHCP WARNING - Non-critical field invalid in response.

What I don't understand about this, is why the modem writes 1970? For me that seems to be a modem related problem, so now I ask... is it possible that the router isn't compatible with this Motorola SURFboard Cable Modem?
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Default Re: WPN824 - Motorola SURFboard - Internet crash

What firmware?
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