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Thumbs up Wireless Adapter won't work try this.

I know how frustrating it can be when you can't get your wireless adapter to work with Vista or Xp. I tried all the so called TECH help line and couldn't find anyone whom I could understand (couldn't speak English). Here is how I finally got it to work.

load the latest drivers for your software. Follow the instructions.

Windows Xp and Vista software still comes up with new hardware found.

When their sign in page (Microsoft Version Trying to Connect with the router) comes up for the device I put the hex code in (WEP Security Selected). That is the code you can obtain from your router where it shows your password phase. Code key 1 is the one you will want to use.

After I entered in the hex code value from Key 1 into Microsoft and pressed enter, the Netgear program kicked in and asked if I wanted to use it (Netgear) for my primary program. I said yes and it went through a set up program that again asked for the password (WEP Security Selected). Again I entered the hex key code value and the program and wireless adapter has worked ever since.

Problems with the adapter not powering up? If you are running an older USB port you can wait until your system is completely up and running before plugging in the wireless adapter. That causes the system to check the port and your system will recognize the port in use and it should activate the adapter.

I can't guarantee this will work for everyone but it's something to try.
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Cool Re: Wireless Adapter won't work try this.

Thats good advice n0uij

Thats how you would normally install a Wireless adapter when using WEP security.

Also completely reading the documentation before the install helps
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