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Default Network Name (SSID) automatically changed. Why?

When I set up my Network on the PC I named it (say) "Smithnet".

We hve 2 identical new laptops operating wirelessly and when we connected the 1st laptop it correctly identified and connected to Smithnet.

With the second laptop, I am not sure what happened but it automatically identified a second network called Smithnet2 and when I try to connect to Smithnet is says

"the settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the erquirements of the network"

So the 1st laptop connects to Smithnet and the 2nd to Smithnet2

Why is this? I am a bit concerned if this is a security breach as I have heard of criminals cloning networks.

Will my neighbours be able to identify my network, ie does the name Smithnet appear on their list of local networks? Or are the networks anonymised?

I have range problems with my DG834G router which perhaps might explain why the 2 laptops connected differently to the network
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Default Re: Network Name (SSID) automatically changed. Why?

That depends.

You say when you setup the network on the PC you named it Smithnet - I'm not certain what this means, but, you don't set the SSID on the PC, you may have used the PC to set the SSID on the router - this may sound like semantics, but, you can actually name some of your networks whatever you choose, depending on the OS.

Now - because I can't figure out what you did to name Smithnet, I also can't comment on Smithnet2.

Will your neighbours be able to identify your network - yes - unless you specifically disabled SSID broadcast, they will see Smithnet in their list of available wireless networks, and will be able to connect to it, if you did not provide some sort of security restrections (preferably encryption and not MAC filtering)
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Default Re: Network Name (SSID) automatically changed. Why?

SSID does not change to any PC upon setup unless this is some kind a profile setting on wireless utility on each PC.

just 2cents
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