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Default Re: WGR614 port forwarding

I've been having a very similar problem with port forwarding the last couple of days. I recently changed from using a Linksys wired router to a Netgear WGR614v6. As a previous poster reported I can access my Apache server by using the LAN address ( but not the WAN address. I upgraded the firmware to the latest (V2.0.19_1.0.19NA) and that didn't help.

I does seem to be working now and what seemed to work was adding a second "dummy" custom service on the port forwarding page. In particular, I wanted the following port to actually work but it wouldn't when it was the only custom service defined:

altHTTP 8080 8080

...so I added another "dummy" custom service just on a lark:

dummy 8888 8888

Now the "real" custom service (port 8080) seems to be working fine. When I take out the "dummy" service the real one stops working. It's goofy and I don't have an explanation for why it works but it seems to. Also, the loopback apparently works fine with this router because I can go from LAN->WAN->LAN without a problem now that the forwarding is working. I even logged on to a remote system and tried it from there successfully. So maybe this hack will work for you.
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