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Default FWG114P v2 Problem

Need a little help with what could be called a minor problem, I have a FWG114P v2 Wireless Firewall connected to my network and it works great, my laptop and others can connect to the internet and surf but I cant see the other computers on my LAN Network. In other words I can see the other laptops connected to the wireless network but not the wired computrs connected to my LAN. Any ideas?
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Default Re: FWG114P v2 Problem

jup i have one.. you could register your product and post on the correct forum:

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Default Re: FWG114P v2 Problem

Correctly if I'm wrong but EOL unit seems to always have issue with registering for entperise area. "beisser"

I will leave the thread open and let you decide on on close up again..
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