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Default DG834Gv2 - shows connected, but no Internet access

I use a DG834Gv2 with my laptop (Win XP Pro). Normally I run it with the wired (Ethernet) connection. I have also set up the wireless settings, and my laptop usually finds, and shows, the wireless connection as available. I connect occasionally just to ensure it works.

Today I noticed that the laptop showed "no network available". The green indicator light on the router showed that the wireless setting was on.

I shut down laptop and also powered off the router, and waited. When I plugged them in and rebooted, green light again, but still no wireless network in range. The wired connection showed as good.

I went to router login, and disabled the wireless option; then re-enabled it again. The green light came on. But the router login page went blank, and the popup window appeared asking me to login (as admin) to the router page again. I tried; but the popup kept reappearing and asking me to put in username and login again. When I closed the login window, the Netgear screen said "System authentication failed - contact administrator".

I then tried to get on to the internet using my browser (IE6) to seek help. Although the laptop said the (wired) connection was good, the browser said "page unavailable". So I can't access the internet at all. Nor can I (now) access my router settings to check them or try any changes.

How do I solve the problem? There is clearly something wrong with the router even though all the indicator lights (power, ADSL connection, wireless transmission and ethernet connection) are all showing green, and the laptop tells me there is a good LAN connection.

Step by step advice on what to do (or a link to a troubleshooting site) would be appreciated. I'm now on a old, slow, dialup computer, so searching for info is a struggle.

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Default Re: DG834Gv2 - shows connected, but no Internet access

I know this post is old, but have you tried resetting the device? Upgrading the firmware on the router.
The DG834 may just have died. How old is it? Can you return it to the reseller?
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