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Default No IP address found.

I don't know anything about computers. I have a pc upstairs that connects to the internet via cable (Charter communications). something called realtek RTL8139 family PC1 Fast Ethernet Nic. It is also connected to a netgear wireless router and the laptop downstairs connects through a netgear wireless card. My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A41 102 or something like that. Sorry. But a Satellite model. Anyway, I installed the stupid Errorsmart program and after it fixed my 600 errors it also disconnected my internet connection. I have been back and forth with them for a week and now they have me repeating the same steps.

Basically the computer tells me that there is no IP address assigned. The Errorsmart guys tell me the numbers in the log or whatever I sent them are not valid numbers for an IP address. I finally found a way to bring a box up and it has in the little box for IP address. I'm not sure where to even get an IP address AND the little box is greyed out anyway so there is no access to change the address.

So, can anyone make sense of what I just said and tell me how to assign an IP address and where I can find the IP address to assign it?
Oh, I did reboot the router if that helps you. No change.
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Default Re: No IP address found.

post in the wrong area.

what model of the router

any pc with ethernet cable works fine? but not wireless?
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Cool Re: No IP address found.

Those registry cleaner-type programs are worthless. I'd suspect it has wiped out some registry key.
There is a process to reset TCP/IP but I'd say you'd be better off finding a local support guy rather than trying to fiddle and glean answers from the internet.
But the commands are quite simple, and fairly harmless:
netsh int ip reset
netsh winsock reset

For what it's worth, there is an advanced technique if netsh doesn't help.
"TCP/IP not working in Windows XP/2003"
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