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Default Comcast Netgear modem/router --> Netgear WNR834

Hi all,

I Need help configuring a network with two routers (Netgear modem/router --> Netgear WNR834B)

I need the second router because it supports Dynamic DNS which I would in turn use for Remote Desktop. I'm trying to avoid spending money on a Cable Modem & having to register the new modem with the Cable ISP

The first router/modem (isp provided) is up and running. It Has Internet Cable plugged in (comcast), is broadcasting wireless signal for my roommates laptop, & a hard line going from it to my room for my desktop. When plugged into my desktop, all is fine as DHCP gives me an IP address & web access.

I added the Second WNR834B router to the equation by plugging the Line from the modem into the new routers WAN port & my desktop into a free port on the WNR834B. This allows me to access the internet & DHCP assigns me a different IP address based on the range from the WNR834B router.

WNR834B IP is
Modem/Router is

In the later config., I cannot get any of the ports open (for P2P stuff, Gaming stuff or whatever). In addition, I have a Free Account with DynDNS which when input & tested, won't actually enable itself on the router. I confirmed that the account was actually working by configuring it with my friends DLINK router and his dsl service. I killed the service from his end so that I can resume testing with my new WNR834B. I also tried putting the WNR834B router under DMZ, which allows me to access the internet, but still port forwarding & Dyn DNS remain disabled.

Any help is appreciated.
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Default Re: Comcast Netgear modem/router --> Netgear WNR834

always post all the detail. model of the cable

you had choice of use dyndns update (app)-dyndns.com or no-ip.com should also have application run to update they dynamic IP info which runs on PC without buying a router or

I would have change the comcast provided to wireless router with DLINK cable modem from like bestbuy and use with your WNR.
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