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Default WG111T Problems After Install.


I have a WG111T and lost the install disk. I searched the Netgear website and found the installer but everytime I open it (after installation) it closes straight away and doesn't even pop up.

It appears in the system tray then just disappears after a second. I am using Windows XP and need to install after a format. The router is working fine on Xbox 360 and my laptop, just wont let me connect the little stick on the desktop computer.

Any Suggestions?

- Richard
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Default Re: WG111T Problems After Install.

I'm not sure what you mean, is this when you try to run the software itself or the installer?
If it's installed try uninstalling, and installing a previous version of the software.
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Default Re: WG111T Problems After Install.

please join the stickies on this model

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