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Default WG511T & WGT624v3 Internet Connection Problems

I have a WGT624v3 router and I have a WG511T wireless PC card. The problem that I have started two days ago. The problem is that I cannot wirelessly connect to the internet. I'm not sure if my router or my pc card is the culprit of my problem. Perhaps, both are my problem.

My wireless card has two lights on it. The two lights, which usually simultaneously blink, blink back-and-forth. That makes me think that my wirless card is the culprit; however, I'm not 100% sure. I'm able to access the internet via my PS3. I'm also able to access my Netgear storage central unit (SC101). I'm just not able to wirelessly access the internet. Does anyone have any explanation or, better yet, a solution for this problem?
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