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Default Prosafe VPN client to Netgear DG834G


I am having a few problems setting this up and I think im not alone in this either!

My Client is a Windows XP machine running the Prosafe v10 client. This is behind a NAT firewall which is connecting to a remote DG834G router running v4.3.

The conifguration for the netgear router is as follows which works :-
Remote VPN endpoint - Dynamic IP
Local Lan - subnet (the Local address range of the target router)
Remote Lan - Single Address (the local address of the client im connecting from which is behind a router - hence a private IP).
Exchange - Main Mode
Local Identity type - WAN IP
Remote identity type - IP Address
Encryption Algorithm - 3DES
Preshared key - *********
SA Life Time - 3600
Enable PFD not checked

The prosafe Client
Remote Party Identity and Addressing
ID Type IP Subnet
Protocol All
connect using secure Gateway Tunnel
IDType IP Address
*.*.*.* (the IP address of the router above)

Security Policy tab - Main Mode
PFS not checked
Enable Replay detection checked

My Identity tab - Select Certificate set to None
Pre-shared Key set to shared key of router policy
ID type - IP Address
Virtual Adapter disabled

Authentication tab -
MEthod - Pre-Shared Key
Encrypt Alg Triple Des
Hash Alg SHA-1
SA Life - unspecified
Key Group - Group 2

Key Exchange - SA Life Unspecified
Comrpession None
Encapsulation Protocal (ESP)
Encrypt Alg Triple Des
Gash Alg SHA-1
Encapsulation tunnel

I can succesfully connect if I specify the IP of the client in the VPN policy on the router i.e. Single IP from x.x.x.x (the private lan ip of the client not the WAN ip) however this will constantly change depending where the PC is so how do I get it to allow for the client to connect without specifiying the IP address? Choosing the Single PC, No subnet option doesnt work or settign a subnet range i.e. with

The error I get on the router is
responding to main mode from unknown peer x.x.x.x (WAN IP of the router the client is behind not the IP of the target router)
no suitable connection for peer (Local IP of the client - behind router with ip above) - sending notification INVALID_ID_INFORMATION to

Has anyone managed to do this without specifying a Client IP? If so could they let me know how?

Many Thanks in advance
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Default Re: Prosafe VPN client to Netgear DG834G

Moving to 802.11g routers.
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Default Re: Prosafe VPN client to Netgear DG834G

Hi Dan, did you ever get this sorted?

i have the same issue and am a bit stuck as to how to get round it.

Thanks For Any Help

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Default Re: Prosafe VPN client to Netgear DG834G

vist my site.. don't DG case for vpn client but most setup are same as other profafe routers
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