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Default Can I change the WAN MAC address on my WGR614v6?...

This looks very suspicious to me but for the past few weeks someone in the vicinity of my apartment has a router with the same MAC address as mine. Before I sell my router and pick up another I want to know if I can change the WAN MAC at all?

Here's some airmon caps from sat in my lounge...

Showing my BSSID "Dave's NETGEAR":

Suddenly BSSID changes to "DoubleD" but keeps the same MAC:

I know it's unlikely that two people have the same MAC on their router but I also doubt this is an attempt to steal the WPA key as I've done some research on this and know that you only need to snoop the handshake once to be on your way to breaking the WPA key.

I'm not worried about the key being broken as it's long and random. The only real annoyance about this is that when I get disconnected my computer doesn't know what to do and requires a restart to connect back to the network.

If anyone could help me change the mac or give me pointers on what Netgear would do if I could prove a duplicate mac it would be greatly appreciated.

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Default Re: Can I change the WAN MAC address on my WGR614v6?...

That's not the WAN MAC address, that's the WLAN MAC address, and no, I don't think you can change it.
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