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Default Free Wifi and Secure Network

I want to keep our wifi for Netgear MR814v2 FREE but need to secure my network.

Our network consists of two Windows XP desktops.

I can use the wifi on a Windows laptop but cannot see the network.

I can use the wifi on a Mac laptop and can easily see the network.

I am concerned that everyone can see my network but do not want to shut down the wifi because we use it with handheld devices including iTouch.

How can I accomplish both?
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Default Re: Free Wifi and Secure Network

FREE is defined as without charge - what exactly do you mean when you say you want to keep your WiFi FREE.

Personally I've never used an iTouch, but I would assume that just like every other wireless device (handhelds included) it makes provision for some level of wireless security, and thus would allow you to secure your wireless network.
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Default Re: Free Wifi and Secure Network

not sure if you are doing some hotspot with no encryption but has some capability for control the wireless

B are way to old to deal with iTouch should work and rest should work. Some Mac with newer airport presents issues.

check this


this will be like wifi on airport. you will need a code on when someone uses web broswer to connect but no encryption.. $160 US dollar
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