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Talking SC101 Mount Partition in Linux

First, I need to make clear that this is only to mount a partition in (ubuntu) linux, not a zetera dataplow formatted partition. Although you can mount the dataplow partition, but since neither windows nor linux has the ability to read a dataplow partition without drivers from zetera you can't use a partition formatted with the dataplow format.

Second, I am locking this thread until I've got it completed, and clean. I will edit along the way. Note: it'll be a week before I've got another chance to work on this, because I'm going on vacation this week.

Now on with my simple,

SC101 Mount Partition in Linux Tutorial:

I used Ubuntu 8.04.1, but I'm sure you can do it with any other debian system this same way.

Here's the requirements:Now with the sc101-nbd installed, this gives you the ut command in linux. Make sure you're root when you do everything from here:
ut listall
Will list your partitions on the sc101.

With the nbd-client package installed, you'll have nbd devices. You can start with nbd0, and with other partitions use other numbers nbd1, nbd2, etc.

ut attach <id from listall> /dev/nbd0
Replace <id from listall> with the partition id from the ut listall command above.

Now /dev/nbd0 will be raw to the network block device. You can now format the partition with:
mkfs.ext2 /dev/nbd0
Or whatever file system you want. (ext2, ext3, reiser, or if you have the dataplow filesystem drivers then theoretically you can attach a zetera partition)

Now that it's formatted, mount:
mkdir /media/sc101
mount /dev/nbd0 /media/sc101
You've now mounted the sc101 partition in linux. Now just change the permissions to the drive, and you're able to read and write as a user.

I was successfully able to set up a 1gb ext2 partition and a nice 8gb swap file partition. I hope thats simple enough for those of you who do use linux, and hopefully easy enough for those who can modify it to work with their distro.
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Default Re: SC101 Mount Partition in Linux

I have tested this with Ubuntu 7.04 and 7.10 long ago

I had problems with the Kernel version I was using - since it was so long ago I cant tell you what Kernel version it was.

Issue: PC would lock up when sending files over a few hundred MB (Random locks-ups caused by larger file sizes sent to the SC101)

I have not tested with Ubuntu 8.04 as I no longer own a SC101 nor have access to one.
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