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Default (Not working) WPN824v3 Port forwarding :80 through comcast cable

I have looked at every help file, contrib, pdf and manual and nothing has made me able to port forward port 80 from a computer that is physically connected to my wireless router (cloned MAC, to bypass Comcasts MAC memory).
(my server worked before i installed the router)

I have an apache server on
port forward set to range: 80 to 80 on .2
windows firewall set to accept :80
"Internet Connection" set ports for http 80 inside, 80 outside (i know its not secure, but im just trying to get it to work)
SPI Firewall is off (router)
DynDNS on my .2 computer
I think this may be the issue, my comp is requesting the domain for ip, and my router is getting it. I tried to reverse that and then the domain just didnt work at all.
Since the router has its own interal web server (this is how it serves the web page at .1), it seems to be overriding :80 on a http request. I tried to forward 88 (and yes i stepped through everything properly) and I still get nothing however.

Is there any way to force the router to not accept outside requests on :80 and allow it to forward :80 from a comp physically behind it?

WinXP Pro SP2 (Admin)
Comcast Cable Internet
RangeMax WPN824v3
Apache 2.2

I really hope the issue is not the 'bridged' mode, becuase comcast locks me out of being able to change anything on this modem. So if thats the case then most likely i will either have to return my rangemax or sink into the pit of "Sucker Hell" and upgrade my comcast to a mutli-user account JUST to be able to serve this up. Kinda Silly.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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