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Default Using WNR2000 as a Bridge

I can't seem to find a simple enough explanation of this topic in these forums, so I'm hoping someone can either point me in the right direction or answer my question. I know very little about configuring wireless routers, so I'm hoping someone here can explain this process for me, the dummy.

I have 2 original 20GB Playstation 3's. Neither has wireless. I would like to buy two routers: one of which I will connect to my cable modem and use as a standard router, the other I will put in my upstairs bedroom and configure as a bridge in order connect my 2nd PS3 to the 'net. Ideally, I'd like to buy two of the same router to set this up.

First: Is the WNR2000 capable of doing this?

Second: If it is, how would I go about it? I'm unfamiliar with the appropriate terminology for accomplishing this, so some of the instructions I'm finding go a little over my head. I'm trying to learn.

Third: If the WNR2000 is not capable of doing this, which Netgear routers *are*, and how would I set them up?

I really appreciate any help I can get. I apologize for needing the hand-holding, but hopefully someone can help.
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Default Re: Using WNR2000 as a Bridge

You need WDS supported unit.

WNR200 WILL NOT work

Concept here http://www.unix.ms/netgear/

get WNDR3300 x2 or if you have some sort of router get WHNDE111x2

read the product support page as well

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