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Default Problem with netgear router, wireless network broadcasting but no internet!

Hey i was wondering if anyone can help me with the problem im having. I live in a 2 floor house with my family upstairs and owners downstairs. When we moved in they provided internet and cable. They extended a ethernet cable from downstairs to upstairs, connected from their modem im assuming. Only problem is that i have a laptop and so does my sister and the ethernet cable is connecting to the desktop which my parents use and do not want us to disconnect everytime we want to use the internet. I have a router and when i try to set it up i get alot of errors. Im assuming (not really sure) that this has to do with them also having a router. I read somewhere that when you have two routers that you have to change the i.p address on the router so it doesnt cause conlicts between the two routers. I called the router company (netgear) and they told me that i had to make a bridge connection to be able to connect wirelessly. the problem is that i have no idea how to do that! so if anyone here can help me with that, that'll be great!

if this helps my router is a Netgear Router Wgr614

im sure im having this problem because of them having a router too because in my old house when i had my own modem and connect/set up my router it worked flawlessly so this has to be a problem arising because of the two routers connected to the modem.

Bridiging the modem might not be the answer. i probably just need to change the ip address on my router so it doesnt interfere with the landlords router.

When i connect the router to the computer and the ethernet cable to the router i dont get any internet on the computer.

My network is broadcasting its named "NETGEAR" or "JOHN" and its unsecure but the only problem is that when i connect with my laptop it says connected but the internet does not work. Something is wrong PLEASE HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!!
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Default Re: Problem with netgear router, wireless network broadcasting but no internet!


MOVING TO Super-G (108 Mbps) & 802.11g (54 Mbps) Routers

You have specify some but you also have not specified the broadband of owner is providing you.

you need to detail how it's laid from the owner network. How this CAT 5 cable is providing. chances are CAT5 is hooked up to owner routers.

I would just use switch or access point if you need wireless. if not you have double NAT issues.
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