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Default Setting up Router without the cd

The cd that ships with router is not necessary software to install the router but it can be helpful for those who do not have much experience setting up a router.

The router can be installed without the cd.

How to install the router:

1. Plug the ethernet cable coming from your modem into the internet port of the router.
2. Take another ethernet cable, plug it into the ethernet port of your computer and then plug into one of the 4 remaining LAN ports on the router.
3. Make sure the computer is set to obtain an ip address automatically.
Right click on network adapter, select properties, double click on internet tcp/ip and make sure it is set to obtain an ip address automatically.
4. Unplug the power from the modem, router and shut down the computer.
5. After a minute or so, plug in the modem, 30 seconds later, plug in the router and 30 seconds later restart the computer.
6. When the computer comes back up, click on Internet Explorer and run the setup wizard.

If the setup wizard does not come up, check to see if the computer gets an ip address from the router.
How to check the ip address:

Go to start, run, type cmd, hit ok, at the flashing cursor type ipconfig. You will get an ip address, subnet mask and default gateway (router). For example,

Type the ip address of the default gateway (router) into the internet explorer address bar and hit enter.

*For those of you with modems that are also routers (common with dsl), make sure to have the modem placed into bridge mode because this can stop you from accessing the interface of the router.*
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