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Default WGPS606 Problems with Wireless (Blue light flashing)

Basically i am able to connect through a wired connection to the server and print fine but i cant get it to work wirelessly. The Blue wireless light constantly flashes (On for 2 Seconds and Off for 2 Seconds)
When i log into the Server i cant see any signal strenght (0%) and says No wireless connection and No Channel visable.

Quite often i do have to unplug it to enable it to Print
(With Wired Connection)

I have been trying for months to get it to work without success.
Please could anyone help ?

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Default Re: WGPS606 Problems with Wireless (Blue light flashing)

I would try different power supply also bypass any surge protector
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Talking Re: WGPS606 Problems with Wireless (Blue light flashing)

Alright here is the solution for you and its very simple I have same Netgear print server WGPS606 and its connected to Samsung ML-2510 Mono Laser Printer I managaged to connect it via wireless but my problem is that the Print server goes on sleep mode or standby mode after afew minutes and i have to recycle the power to restart the print server and then it start to work again but when it goes back to sleep mood.

But to connect your Print server via Wireless do the Followings:

A) make sure your print server is located on the same Subnet

Example : ... your desktop has a private ip assigned aside from the wireless
Router say , so your subnet would be
in this case you can assigne any ip address in the range of 4-255

B) Make sure your Wireless Router is setup to support Mixed Mode which is b/g and n mode

C) Make sure your Wireless Router security setting is set to support TKIP or AES security Protocol otherwise your Print server would not connect to your wireless Router because the wireless print server support only TKIP protocol

D) Make sure your Wireless Router security is setup to use WPA2 insted of WEP for more secure environment.

E) connect your Wireless Print server with the Wireless Router via Ethernet Cable you can use any Ethernet port on the back of your print server

F) press the reset button on the wireless print server for about 30 sec to reset its setting to default ip

G) connect your USB printer to either Port 1 or port 2 on the wirless print server

H) make sure the print server and the printer is powerd on

I) login to the print server via typing the ip address which the wireless Router assigned to your print server using your internet explorer browser

J) a login window will pop up type in the default userid : admin and password : password then hit enter

K) once you login click on the print server settings and then tick mark the change to and then assign an ip address which is on the same subnet mask of your network

Example if your network start with to with subnet mask enter any ip address withing this rang - " Make sure you don't enter ip address as this is your wireless Router Ip address otherwise you will end up in a miss. so i would enter with subnet mask

L) once you assign the ip address to your print server you need to login again via typing its current ip address on your browser with admin as user id and password for password

M) This time click on advanced wireless settings and make sure the enable wireless radio button is clicked and choose 802.11b and 802.11 g and leave the rest to default values.

N) after completing step M click on wireless settings and then choose "select existing network" and then click on scan , after that you should be able to see your network name which is the same in your wireless Router . choose your network name and then country and then for security settings choose WPA-PSK and then for passphrase type in the same passphrase in your wireless Router ("ITS CASE SENSETIVE SO MAKE SURE YOU TYPE IT EXACTLY THE SAME") ALSO THIS PASSPHRASE IS NOT THE SAME ONE WHERE YOU ENTER WHEN YOU ARE ASKED TO LOGIN TO YOUR WIRELESS ROUTER ITS A DIFFERENT ONE UNLESS YOU SETUP BOTH OF THEM TO BE SAME.

O) And for encryption choose TKIP which is the only encryption option available.

P) click on Apply after all of that and then notice your wireless print server Blue LED will blink afew times to indicate that you are connected wirelessly and to confirm that click on the status under maintenance it will show you a green bar with the signal strength and the channel number and security type and your printer name .

Q) Last step is to make the ip address assigned to your print server static in your wireless Router so it would not keep changing otherwise the print server would work one day and then loses connection the next day as the wireless Router releases your ip address at certain time or day unless you set it up to Never as to not to release your ip address. before i wrap up once you connect wirelessly you need to disconnect your ethernet cable and put it away because you don't need it anymore. if you keep it you will have ip address conflict as the router will assign one address and you have a static address for it already.

Following these steps will make sure you are connected wirelessly with no problem at all.

Hope that helps. but I still need a cure for my problem
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Default Re: WGPS606 Problems with Wireless (Blue light flashing)

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I was having a similar problem with my device blinking blue, and started 3 weeks ago. I tried many things and nothing would work so I gave up. It wasn't until a cold front moved in and my house cooled down the wifi started working again!
Today was much warmer and now the device was stuck in a reboot loop; power followed by a brief link light on connected ports. Ah! Must be a heat issue. I opened it since it is a refurb unit and no warranty was left. That worked for 5 minutes and then was blinking blue again. I had a spare 80mm case fan lying around and put that on top of the unit, and 15 seconds later, wifi was solid and showing traffic again!

So, if your unit suddenly stopped working and is stuck in reboot loop or slow blink of blue wifi light, try opening it up and actively cooling with a fan. You may be able to mount a small fan to the top or side of the unit casing.
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Smile Re: WGPS606 Problems with Wireless (Blue light flashing)

Thanks Charlie,
Sorry that it has taken me so long to reply as i totally had written the wireless off on this hubb. Thanks Again Charlie... Your a Star.

That Worked a treat. I thought Yeah , Yeah done that tried that and nothing works until i followed Step "N" of your Guide.
Step "N" was the Crutial Step.

Additional to anyone else having this Problem....
My Problem was that i was trying to set the SSID to my
own name as you would do with a normal router instead
of pointing it to my main Router.
The Wireless Password must be exactly the same as the router
this way the Hubb acts as an extender. The No Signal doesnt
mean that your hubb wireless is broken.

I did have a problem initially as i changed the hubb address from
the default to IP (My router is:
The Blue Light was Solid and i lost all other functions of my Router.
When i restarted the Hubb the Blue Light was flashing 3 times a second
which i understand is the initialization attempt to the Router.

Solution i found was to change the Hub IP Address to

The Blue light should be flashing intermitently as it communicates
with the router.

For anyone that needs any further help or laptop repair help
please visit our site at www.truestate.com
100% Free and private tech forums.
Thanks Again Guys.
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