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Default SPH 101 "Sign in was not successful"

SPH 101 is not connecting to Skype service from 08/20/2011

The same account works perfectly in the same network on every Windows / Linux Skype client software.

I have contacted Netgear support and they told me to contact Skype.com. They have not replied yet.

It seems Skype has changed something in their protocol and they are banning the SPH 101 client now.

Also, the new account registration is not working anymore on SPH 101. Skype server returns the following error: The name cannot include the character " (quotation mark).

It clearly seems the Netgear Skype client is not up to date.

What is the solution now? To purchase a new device? Possibly a RTX 3088? Who guarantees it will not stop working after 5 days if Skype changes again something on the server side?!
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Default Re: SPH 101 "Sign in was not successful"

I have not been using my SPH101 for a couple of months using the Ipevo skype phones instead (which have no problems).
Today I checked my SPH101 : no other issues were found than those reported in my previous post of march 2011 :
SPH101 logs in to the wifi network and then signs-in to skype, but stops working after a couple of minutes, after having done several skype and skype-out contacts.
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Default Re: SPH 101 "Sign in was not successful"

Mine stopped working when I got a new router. The SPH101 doesn't have the encryption competable with the Cisco router. I have the current firmware in the SPH101, but it lacks the up to date encryption.
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Default Re: SPH 101 "Sign in was not successful"

SEPTEMBER 2014 UPDATE FIXED, and fully functional SPH101

Yesterday I opened a brand new SPH101, it had been sitting in its box for 6 or 7 years, amazingly the battery still had charge, and the phone fired up.

Even though this was the UK model, with UK power adapter, the phone language was in German. Fortunately for me, I have a reasonable grasp of technical German, and didn't bother to change the language until after I had connected to my wifi router, and the initial Skype login failed. Now it was time for English!

However, after changing the system language to English, rebooting, and starting over, the phone still refused to login to my skype account.

I then tried a factory reset, and it still failed.

I tried my 2nd skype account, and that also failed.

Trawled my way through the usual Google searches, obviously I found the postings here, which lead me to believe this phone may as well have stayed in its box.

Then on whim, I tried to create a new skype account from the SPH101, and lo and behold, that WORKED.
I could make calls, added my other 2 skype accounts as contacts, and called in all directions, and everything worked great.

I then signed out of this new skype account, and retried my other skype account logins and now they too WORKED!

I'm not going to waste time speculating on why this process revived the SPH101, but indeed it did.

I realise the original posts here are somewhat dated, but in the off chance someone else would still like to use their SPH101, this is what worked for me.

FYI: SPH101 Firmware Version
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