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Default Unsecure Firewall on DG834G

I've got a Netgear wireless ADSL Firewall router DG834G with firmware V3.01.25 and I've set up a test firewall rule to block a certain computer out of the network, as shown:

But when I look at the traffic log, traffic is still going through. Why is this happening?

Thu, 2007-02-22 11:03:18 - TCP Packet - Source:,1979 Destination:,16585 - [Any(ALL) rule match]
Thu, 2007-02-22 11:03:19 - TCP Packet - Source:,1980 Destination:,16585 - [Any(ALL) rule match]

All I can think of is that the default rule is in the wrong place. This rule should be at the top - allowing all traffic through, then running through each restricting filters after. This logic, I presume, will allow all traffic through after the first/default filter then restricting the flow as the traffic is run through each consecutive filters if they apply. This process should also be applied to inbound traffic also - no traffic is allowed in as the default/first rule. Example of some rules being applied to WAN ports, this should not effect internal LAN traffic

Outbound traffic on WAN interface:
Rule 1/default rule: Allow all traffic
Rule 2: Block all TCP and UDP ports in range 66666-99999
Rule 3: Block all traffic from

Inbound traffic from WAN interface:
Rule 1/default rule: Block all incoming traffic
Rule 2: Allow traffic as requested by UPNP services
Rule 3: Allow traffic as requested by allowed applications and other services (these applications will request certain inbound ports be open defined by the application/service and initiated when an outbound port is opened)

I am unable to edit the default filters or to move it to the desired position in the list. I just want to know if there is any tool to be able to edit the filter list or if there will be a firmware update to allow me to do this. At the moment as the filters are set, no matter what filters/rules I put in, the firewall is not doing its job. Basically, there is no firewall in place.

Please help!
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