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Default Stora - Use with iTunes & Picasa

Picassa Photo Integration

Has anyone used Stora to integrate with Picassa for storing and uploading Photos? If so do you have any tips? I understand that I can backup and share photos using the Family Photos directory but want to know if Stora integrates with Picasa software & Picasa Online. The review sites claim that Stora is integrated with Picassa but I cant see any information in the user manual or special features allowing upload or download or integration of captions etc.

iTunes Integration

I am using Netgear Stora as a source for a shared iTunes Library and it is working well as a shared source in the FamilyLibrary > FamilyMusic directory. For a good tutorial on iTunes and how to use iTunes to automatically setup a new library and copy files to external HD see iLounge link below. This will work with any external harddrive (not just Stora)

Nb the the Stora User Manual iTunes section is out of date.
It refers to SHARED > Stora:iTunes folder (which I have not seen)
It encourages you to manually move the music files to subfolders within FamilyMusic. (DONT MOVE FILE MANUALLY or you may break library links. Get iTunes to do this automatically using the iTunes "Organise Library" function.).

iLounge has a detailed tutorial on "Transferring your iTunes Library" to an external HD (updated for iTunes 9).
See article: http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/tutorials/

In essence:
Goto Preferences from the Edit menu (Windows) or iTunes menu (Mac);
then selecting the Advanced tab;
then enter new storage location;
then tick options: "Keep iTunes Media folder organized" & "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library"

You can then move your library using the "Organize Library" function:
Select File, Library, Organize Library
Then tick options: "Consolidate your files" & "upgrade to the new iTunes Media organization"
Click OK

There are other ways to move the library but this is fairly bullet proof
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Default Re: Stora - Use with iTunes & Picasa

Thanks, very useful re iTunes. I too also use Picasa and would like to explore functionality and support. I think the product info was about Flickr though. It shouldn't be too hard to integrate with Picasa if you the Stora mapped as netwrok drive. Will try it tonight at home and let you know.
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Default Re: Stora - Use with iTunes & Picasa

Thanks again for the iTunes pointer. Tried it out last night and it has worked a treat. I can even stream my tunes at work via a browser. My slow DSL connection means there is a break between songs. Need to upgrade.

Can't wait for Hipserve to release a playlist upgrade.
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