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Default WNDR3700 and WNR3500 WPS

Hi there.

So, I've read every thread I could find here about WPS and these two routers. I have them both, brand new, sitting on my desk.

I want one to sit in the study with the ADSL modem and desktop plugged into it, and the other in the lounge, with an Xbox and HTPC plugged into it.

I know I can use WDS to connect them, but I'd prefer to use WPS for better security.

Here's what I've tried:

1: Plug mondem into WAN port of WNDR3700 - works perfectly, I have internet on my desktop PC

2: Configure WNDR3700 with a new SSID and WPA pass phrase.

3: Plug the WNR3500 into my laptop (with its wireless turned off so I can tell when the routers are bridging correctly).

4: Press the WPS buttons on the front of each router, at the same time.

5: Watch the progress bars move across for 2 minutes. Then each tells me it has failed to add a client.

Am I doing anything wrong here? Is there some setup step I've missed?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Default Re: WNDR3700 and WNR3500 WPS




BTW, you can NOT use WPA on WDS - this said may time on routers that can not use
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