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Default Smartwizard Discovery utility Download

Can the Smartwizard Discovery utility be Downloaded? I have lost my CD
and my laptop does not have the software
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Default Re: Smartwizard Discovery utility Download

Originally Posted by swieduwi View Post
Can the Smartwizard Discovery utility be Downloaded?
Yes, and various versions, too. Some firmware versions of some switches can only be used with some versions of the SmartWizard Discovery utility. Sometimes, if you are lucky, the release notes for a firmware update will indicate the proper version of SmartWizard that must be used.

For example, FS726T firmware version 1.0.2 (or any earlier version) must be upgraded using the Smartwizard Discovery utility version 2.05.03 or earlier. After this upgrade, any version of Smartwizard Discovery utility can be used.

The SmartWizard utility is occasionally found for download on the Support page for each switch. For example, SmartWizard version 2.05.03 is on the GS748T support page:

SmartWizard version 2.05.05 can be found on the GS724T page (see lower left corner):

As far as I can tell, there's no rhyme or reason for why which version is where, and there is no easy way to find the various versions. You just have to poke around.

If you are planning on upgrading firmware, I'd have a couple versions floating around on your desktop in case the firmware upgrade goes badly with one version and you need to try another (been there, done that, with the big upheaval FS726T firmware update at the end of December 2005 which made my switch a brick, but another SmartWizard version was able to recover).

Gosh I miss the wealth of posts that were in the old Netgear forums and that disappeared when the "new look" arrived.

Have fun.

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Default Re: Smartwizard Discovery utility Download

This was exactly the info I needed. Uisng the search function under the particular switch I have didn't seem to help in a clear way.
Thank you,
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